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employee engagement survey.

The anonymised survey tool that asks your employees all the right questions and collates responses into a private results dashboard. So you can analyse levels of employee engagement at your organisation.

we’ll build and deliver a survey to your employees, so you can discover how they really feel about you as an employer.

🤔Why is everyone talking about employee engagement?

Research shows that organisations with high levels of employee engagement are more efficient and effective. Highly engaged employees:

  • are more customer-focused
  • feel more creative at work
  • take less time off sick.

The more your employees care about the future of your organisation, the more effort they’ll put in to help meet its objectives.

So, it’s a no-brainer to do your best to keep them engaged right?

💭How does running a survey help solve engagement issues?

When it comes to employee engagement, the best place to start is by listening. Our survey tool gives your staff the chance to tell you what’s working and what needs improving.

📊Get insights and data on things like:

  • your employees’ relationship with your organisation
  • how they feel about the operational structure in your organisation
  • relationships amongst colleagues & managers
  • how they feel about their workload, work type and more.

The responses are collated into your own private results dashboard, where you’ll be able to use the information to tackle the root issues preventing your employees from reaching their maximum potential.

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