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diversity and inclusion survey.

This anonymised, custom branded survey tool will help you get useful feedback about how your organisation is doing with D&I, helping you to figure out which areas need improvement.

we’ll build and brand you a survey, so you can find out how well your staff think you're doing when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

Our experience tells us that diversity and inclusion is a high priority for organisations but many of them are not sure where to start.

The starting point will be different for every organisation, that’s why it can be hard to know exactly what you need to do to improve. The key is to start at the heart of your organisation, by finding out what your employees think. Your employees' feedback on how your organisation is doing with diversity and inclusion will be more valuable than any article you can read online.

How will the survey help with diversity and inclusion?

Our diversity and inclusion survey tool gives your employees the chance to let you know where you’re doing well, and what needs improving, so you can start to plan how you’re going to improve going forward.

🔎 You’ll get insights on things like:

  • How inclusive your employees think you are as an organisation
  • Their relationships with other colleagues and managers
  • How people of different cultures and backgrounds are treated within your organisation.
  • Whether your employees would feel comfortable dealing with concerns about diversity and inclusion, and how they’d go about it.
  • How well your organisation educates it’s employees about diversity and inclusion.

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