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diversity & inclusion recruitment audit report.

How do you make sure your organisation is reaching out and attracting diverse talent? Is your recruitment process fair and unbiased? Find out with a diversity & inclusion audit.

time to get your diversity strategy up to scratch?

Finding the best person for the job can be tough. But have you ever thought it's your recruitment process that's hampering your chances of catching your new office star?⭐

A common complaint of recruiters is 'We'd love to interview and hire a more diverse set of applicants, but they don’t apply".  To which the obvious question is "Why don't they?"

Well don't panic, our new report will provide you the answers you need. With best practice answers on things like:

  • capturing and processing diversity data, and how to act upon your analysis of this
  • attracting diverse applicants from your job advert and content on your careers pages
  • updating your interview process to minimise bias.

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