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choosing an ATS help pack.

If you’re looking for new recruitment software, this pack will help you get started – from making a business case to researching suppliers.

need help with choosing an ATS?

Download our free help pack to help guide you through the whole decision making process of choosing the right software for your  recruitment process. The pack includes:

📜 A request for information template

If you decide to follow a more formal route, this document will help you gather the information you need from prospective vendors.

💷 Applicant Tracking System ROI calculator

This spreadsheet will help you to understand your likely return on your investment. It'll help you calculate hours and money saved by having an efficent ATS.

💼 Applicant Tracking System business case template

If you need to gain budget approval from your colleagues this template is a good place to start.

Don't worry if these documents don't answer all your questions - we can help! Click here to contact us.

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